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We are happy to answer your fish questions, just call 808.329.5100.

email; wstockly@ecosaqua.com

95 GAL. Reef tank set up with the Uniquarium filtration system

Volcanic red shrimp ecosystems made especially for you at Stockly's Eco-Aquariums

It gives us great pleasure to provide to you the most intriguing ecosystems for your home or office. These ecosystems expresses in a most simplistic way the delicate coexistence of life. We at Stockly's Eco-Aquariums hope you will enjoy this esthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance within this complete and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass.

EcoCosm™are made up producers (green plants), the consumers (herbivores), the decomposers (fungi and bacteria), and the nonliving, or abiotic, component, consisting of dead organic matter and nutrients in the water. Inputs into the Eco-Cosm include heat of respiration, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrient losses.
 The major driving force is solar energy..  
EcoCosm™ will give you much pleasure and at the same time, an appreciation of our own fragile earth                          Shown above is our 5" Sphere listed at $99.95

Hawaiian Volcanic Red Shrimp Microhabitat

Shrimp Microhabitats sell for $99.95; each unit comes with a cultured live rock, red shrimp (Opae Ula, Halocaridina rubra),     black snails and live sand.
Shipping via FedEx to US mainland $50.

We love to make you a Shrimp Microhabitat for your home or office. Just call us at 808.329.5100

Your new ecosystem will be shipped to your door within 10 days via FedEx priority.

Shrimp Microhabitats are a open ecosystem as opposed to the EcoCosm™ which are closed ecosystem. The Shrimp Microhabitat have a small hole on the cover, thus there is a slight CO2 to oxygen exchange. Each microhabitat has a hand crafted live rock. These live rocks can support the red shrimp for many years.

Custom Aquariums and Maintenance

This custom saltwater tank is ten feet long and made of glass. Consultation and quotes are free of charge. Please call Stockly's Aquariums 808.329.5100 or email wstockly@ecosaqua.com

New fish arrive weekly.