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EcoCosm™ Ellipse $49.95       
EcoCosm™ are made up of producers (green plants), the Red Shrimp; (herbivores),
the decomposers (fungi and bacteria), and the nonliving, or abiotic,component, consisting of dead organic matter and nutrients in the water.
Inputs into the ecosystem are solar energy, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide,
nitrogen, and other elements and compounds. Outputs from the ecosystem
include heat of respiration, water oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrient losses.
The major driving force is solar energy.

Does the EcoCosm™ require high light level?

Indirect sunlight or ceiling fluorescent lights works the best for the EcoCosm™.
The duration of light should be approximately 8 to 12 hours. Direct sunlight
may cause excessive heat to build up inside and killing off shrimp and snails.
EcoCosms™ in high light areas or may cause excessive plant and algae growth,
which in turn may raise the pH of the mini-ecosystem. Thus causing the ecosystem
to go out of balance and crashing the fragile environment.

What is a good temperature range for the EcoCosm™?

 A good temperature range is 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When you first
receive your Eco-Cosm™ let it warm up to room temperature slowly.
Please Do Not keep your EcoCosm™ in a drafty location or next to a heat source.

What is the brown film on the inside of the glass ?

Do not be alarmed by this brown film on the inside of the glass. It is a form of algae
called Diatoms. The shrimp and snails will actually feed upon it and get nutritional
value from it. In time, it will disappear and the glass will clear up.

What if the snails die ?

There is no danger in the snails dying. Although they help keep the glass clear,
they are not an integral part in the EcoCosm™.

Does the EcoCosm™ look the same as the day it was purchased in the months to come ?

EcoCosms™ are very dynamic ecosystems. They are continually changing
environments in that the plant is constantly growing, dying and being consumed by the
shrimp and snails. As time goes on you may see no visible signs of plant and algae.
However, there is still plenty of other types of algae and bacteria for the shrimp to
pick off the glass walls and sand bottom.

My shrimp changed color is it dying?

The shrimp can change color from bright red to a very pale pink and then change
back to a bright red again. It is not fully understood why this happens at this time.
We are currently studying these shrimp in various environments. Some day we may
have the answer. We do not believe a red shrimp is more happier than a pale shrimp.
So, do not be alarmed if in a week they are red again.

Why did one shrimp die and the other is fine ?

Shrimp do shed their exoskeletons, which is normal in the growing process. The
exoskeleton or a dead shrimp returns the nutrients back into the ecosystem. The
shrimp can die of old age, since a shrimp's age may not be know at the date of EcoCosmshrimp can die of old age, since a shrimp's age may not be know at the date of EcoCosm™
creation. One living shrimp constitutes a living EcoCosm™.

How long to EcoCosms™ last ?

The nutrients in an EcoCosm™ are continually recycled. They are like an old alarm
clock that is whining down. The nutrients although are recycled, they do run-down
after a period of time. On the average a small EcoCosm™ could last 2 years. The
record for these types of materially closed mini-ecosystems is about 8 years.

Does the EcoCosm™ come with a warrantee ?

YES ! If all the shrimp die within 90 days from its' date of creation, then it can be replaced. However, no replacement for EcoCosms™ that have been mishandled, broken and replaced. One live shrimp constitutes a live EcoCosm™. Please call first for returns. You will be instructed to send it back U.S. mail with a payment of $19.95(for return shipping via FedEx)
No other warranty, implies or otherwise, shall exist on the EcoCosm™.No credit cards will be credited for losses.

How is the EcoCosm™ shipped ?

We ship via FedEx directly to your home or place of business. Our shipping days are
Mondays and Tuesdays, which means your EcoCosm™ will arrive on Thursday or Friday.
Someone must be home at the address to sign for package. It may be easier to use a
business address in most cases. A phone number is important or the carriers' service
will not handle the package.

What is the brown growth on the inside of my EcoCosm™?

This is a form of primitive algae we call a diatom. It is a normal occurrence after a period of
4 to 6 weeks. This diatom growth is a good food source for the snails. If no snails are present
then after time the diatoms will use up the available nutrients that is needs, thus the
glass will come clear again without the snails. The biological process going on inside
these small EcoCosm™s are very dynamic, so you will see slight changes in the
coming months.

Should I worry if my green plant dies back?

The green plant inside the EcoCosm™ is actually a type of green algae. It may change
shape or almost disappear, however not to worry. There will be enough existing
algae left in the EcoCosm™ to produce oxygen and food for the shrimp.

Can I get my EcoCosm™ recharged ?

If after the replacement period has expired. You may send it back to our facility and
we will recharge it for approximately half the original cost. Shipping costs are extra.
For more details call our office.

Does the EcoCosm™ come with a manual or handbook on care ?

Yes your EcoCosm™ comes with a handbook and in a gift box.