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We at Stockly's Aquariums strive to provide quality products and service that will both entertain and educate our customers. Hopefully these products will create an environmental conscience of our precious ocean realm and the planet earth.

Stockly's was formed in January 1978 on the Kona Coast of the island of Hawaii. We are a family run business with great employees who share the same interests for which the business was formulated. Our main source of income in the early years was aquarium maintenance. In April of 1980, Stockly's Aquariums retail store opened for business. This fish and reptile store is well received by the people of Kona. By, 1982 Stockly's Aquariums, Inc. was incorporated and doing business through out the state of Hawai'i. Today, Stockly's custom Hawaiian reef fish aquariums are found through out the islands, U.S. mainland, Alaska and Japan.

Mailing address; 745484 Kaiwi Kailua Kona Hawaii 96740 808.329.5100 Business Hrs Mon - Friday 9AM to 5PM Saturdays 10AM to 4PM Closed Sundays

Stockly's Aquariums - Featured Aquabusiness 

by Jim Szper, professor U of H, Hilo aquaculture dept.

In the newsletter of a cooperative project funded by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service, the UH Cooperative Extension Service, and the State of Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program. (May 2000)

Stockly's Aquariums
The “Old Industrial” area of Kailua town is much more interesting than the name suggests, and is not to be missed by serious enthusiasts of the Big Island. One of the main items of interest is Stockly’s Aquariums, which is easily spotted if one looks off to the right while descending Kaiwi Street into the area. Inside the 22-year-old establishment are some spectacular living things, both trendy and traditional. Bill Stockly has been developing culture methods for the currently popular red shrimp Halocaridina rubra (opae ula) for years, and now has reliable methods and systems, though development continues. “Live rock,” a popular item in the salt water aquarium trade, is now being actively cultured on artificial substrates. The Pacific sea horse (Hippocampus sp.) is being spawned in captivity, with its juvenile stages feeding on cultured copepods (Euterpina acutifrons, an uncommon item in itself), and growing to large adult sizes. And neglecting aquaculture itself for the moment, reef-fish fanciers owe themselves a look at the nearly-all-black reef angler fish, if at all possible before they are sold.

Culture of the red shrimp, sea horses, and live rock exemplify the potential conservation value of marine ornamental culture. If highly-desired ornamental items can be bred in captivity and cultured routinely, they may be sold at prices that compete with or discourage collecting the items from natural environments, or at least make it more feasible for government units to implement and enforce regulations. All this is in keeping with the Stockly’s mission statement, which is featured on the company web site at www.ecosaqua.com.

The store site and the web site are supported by the research and production site, a prime within-the-compound plot at the Natural Energy Lab. It is here that the stocks of the items mentioned above are produced, and research and developmental trials are conducted. Bill hopes to measure the metabolic work that live rocks can perform as biofiltration units, reasoning that it must be significant considering how natural reefs work. As an aquaculture businessperson, biologist, and former extension service representative, Bill would like to see the marine ornamentals industry become more dedicated to sustainable practices for the use of reef resources. Contact Bill and company at:

74-5484 Kaiwi St. Unit 125
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
telephone 808 329-5100
email; wstockly@ecosaqua.com